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Milestone Projects

Looking to the coming years of the 21st century, which will be characterized by further development of urbanization and modernization, as well as increasing concerns about the impacts of climate change, the role of dams and reservoirs is fundamental. These structures support economic and social development based on flood control, water supply and energy and food security. It is necessary to continue to develop new technology, paying more attention to environmental protection, so as to make a greater contribution to the benefit of mankind.

To recognize major achievements of dam technology and define milestones in this field, with the support of various National Committees of ICOLD, the Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (CHINCOLD), Spanish Committee on Large Dams (SPANCOLD) and the Brazilian Committee on Dams (CBDB) proposed the presentation of Milestone Award of International RCC and Rockfill dams.

The selected milestone projects have common features, such as:

•technical innovation in design, construction, operation or other aspects;
•good performance after completion;
•much attention has been paid during the construction and operation stages to environmental protection and social aspects;
•attention paid to raising awareness of technical achievements and advanced experience.

These milestone projects are representative of the main achievements in RCC and rockfill dam construction until now, and it is also the basis for the construction of new dams. The experiences of these international milestone projects can be used as a valuable reference for the future development of dams of these types.

International Milestone RCC Projects

Longtan Dam in China
Miel I Dam in Colombia
Miyagase Dam in Japan
Olivenhain Dam in USA
Ralco Dam in Chile
Rible Dam in Spain
Salto Caxias Dam in Brazil
Wolwedans Dam in South Africa

International Milestone Rockfill Projects

CFRD Projects

Foz do Areia Dam in Brazil
Santa Juana Dam in Chile
Shuibuya Dam in China
Kárahnjúkar Dam in Iceland
El Cajón Dam in Mexico

Earth Core Rockfill Dam Projects

Irape Dam in Brazil
Xiaolangdi Dam in China
Tehri Dam in India
Chicoasén Dam in Mexico
Nurek Dam in Tajikistan

Asphalt Concrete Core (Asphalt Concrete Face) Rockfill Dam Projects

Finstertal Dam in Austria
Yashio Dam in Japan

Special Award

Zipingpu Dam in China

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