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Yashio Dam in Japan

Yashio Dam completed in 1992 is a 90.5m high asphalt faced rockfill dam. It is one of the highest dams among its type. The covered area by the asphalt concrete face slab reached 370 000 m2.

The facing of this dam was designed as a double-deck structure having an impermeable layer in each upper and lower portion. An intermediate drainage layer is placed to detect clearly the water leakage. There are a total of seven layers, and the thickness of the facing is 37 cm. The surface of the facing is covered with thin layer of asphalt mastic so as to protect it from damage. The maximum length of the facing of the Yashio Dam is approximately 200 meters. A special portal winch with an extra-long reach was developed specifically for this paving job to allow the entire 200-meter length of slope to be paved in one stage. To improve antiseismic performance of the facing, 8.5% asphalt and 0.8% fibre were added in asphalt concrete. 
The dam has been in good performance after impounding.
The project is owned by Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO)

(Publish Time: 2010-04-07 15:25)

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