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Full Papers Selected

(Total 90 papers, 54 from abroad, and 36 from China)

By the end of July 2011, the secretariat of the symposium has accepted 90 papers, 54 from abroad, and 36 from China. All of the selected papers are listed with the authors in the following.

Topic 1: Methods of Design and Analysis for Dams


Alexsandro Holzner, Herbert N. Linsbauer

The Optimal Design of Arch Dams with Regard to Safety And Economic Criteria - Sensitivity Analysis a New Approach


Fu ZhongZhi, Gao JunJun, Liu SiHong

On One-dimensional Compression of Breakable Granular Materials

3. China

Gong Yangqing, Wu Haizhen, Wu Xiaobin

Study on the Closure Temperature of Arch Impact on the Stress of Masonry Arch Dam


Hu Yu, Li Qingbin, Zhou Shaowu, Zuo Zheng, Guan Junfeng, Luo Danni

Discussion on Some Problem of Temperature-Control in Super-High Arch Dams During Construction Period


Jiang Xuelin, Mai Ke Li Chade

Reserch & Design of Chemical Grouting of Foundation of Jingping-ⅠHighest Arch Dam


Li Yongming, Wang Guojin

Prestressed Anchorage Design of Xiaowan Arch Dam Abutment Resisting Rock Mass


Long Qihuang,  Chen Nengpin

The Design and Features of Guangzhao 200m High Roller Compacted Concrete Dam


Song weihua, Li baobao, Ma cuili, Song Weihua, Li Baoguo, Ma Cuili

Design Flood Analysis of the Hekoucun Reservoir Project


Sun Jun-shi, Yuan You-ren, Feng Ye-lin, Xiang Biao

The Apocalypse of Stress Path Experiment — the Strain Directivity of Earth Rockfill Materials


Wu Hao, Deng Gang, Ji Hui, Wang Jingwu

Study on Asphalt Concrete Core Rockfill Dam on Narrow and Unsymmetrical Valley


Xiang Biao, Feng Ye-lin, Yuan You-ren

Research and Demonstration on Compaction Tests of Earth Mixing Gravel in Different Compaction Instruments


Xu Zenghui, Liu Guangting, Wang Yiming

Study on Coupling of Seepage Temperature and Stress fields for Soft Rock


Zhang Guoxin, Liu Yi, Zhu Bofang, Wang Renkun

Theory and Method on Simulation of Actual Working Performance of High Arch Dams


F. Lempérière , Michel Ho Ta Khanh

New Solutions for New Dams


Mahmoud Ghazavi,  Mohammad Vahdani 

Influences of Geometry of Inclined Core and Construction Procedure Progress on the Development of Negative Skin Friction in Cut off Wall of Earth Dams


Choo Tai Ho,  Choi Gye Woon,  Huh Jae Yeong,  Lee Chang Hae

Efficient Method for Dam Inflow Estimation


Dong-Hoon Shin, Hae-Jin Yang, Heui-Dae Lim, Han-Gyu Park

Comparison of Deformation Behavior of a CFRD Dam by Numerical Analyses and Instrumentation Results


Park Chal-Sook, Shin Jong-Iee, Cheung sang-In, Hong Chung-Ki, Kim Hyung-Chan, Ahn Young-Sub, Kim Jong-Pil

The case of Dam Foundation Treatment for grouting in condition of non-consolidation sedimentary layer


Furgani L., Imperatore S

Seismic Assessment of Concrete Gravity Dams


Miguel P. Romo, Eduardo Botero

Impervious Elements for Rockfill Dams: Selection Criteria


Miguel P. Romo, Neftali Sarmiento    

Seismic Analyses of the Concrete Face of Rockfill Dams


Eduardo Botero Jaramillo, B. Mendez, M. P Romo, H. Marengo

Seismic Analyses of a High Mexican Rock Fill Concrete Face Dam


Braga Farinha M.L., José Vieira de Lemos, Maranha das Neves E.

Analysis of Foundation Sliding of an Arch Dam Considering the Hydromechanical Behaviour


Pham Hong Giang, Takashi Takenaka, Nguyen Hoai Nam, PHAM Hong Nga

Soil Improvement for Embankment Dams in Coastal Areas of Central Vietnam - Case Study of the Ta Trach Dam

Topic 2: Environment-friendly Technologies for Dam construction


Du Xingfa, Wang Yawen

Key Construction Technology of High Rockfill Dam


Gang Yongcai, Zhu Ping

Gravel & Earth Core Wall Construction Quality Control & Management for Shuiniujia Project


Li Zhenlian, Jing Zenghu, WANG Quanbin

Construction of the Pankou Concrete Face Rockfill Dam


Meng Fanzhen, Shen Anqi, Liu Haiyu

Design and Application of Bituminous Concrete Facing for Upper and Lower Reservoirs of Xilongchi Pumped Storage Power Station


Sun Mingquan, Chai Qihui ,Yang Shifeng

Study on Sectional Form of CGS Dam under Triaxial Test


Wu Shiyong, Wang Hongmei, Cao Wei

Application of Multi-Level Intake Technique in the Jinping-I Hydropower Project Construction


Zeng Zhengbin, Zhang Xihe, Yang Jindi, Tan Jianjun

Application Research on Low Heat and High Performance Hydraulic Concrete


Zhan Zhenggang, Cai Dayong

Prediction and Discussion on Dam Construction Technique of 300m Level Rock-fill Dam with Face Slab


Ramazan Moradi Kal Bolandi, Reza Ghaedi, Mohammad Ghamari Habashi,  Amir Puria Ruhi

Construction of Shahr-e-Bijar CFRD Dam


H.Doi, T.Tada, K.Yamashita 

Environmental Preservation of Downstream River of Dam by Sediment Bypass System


Masanori Matsuura, Tatehiko Okudera  

Design and Construction of Asphalt Facing Adopting Foamed Asphalt Mixture


Ock-jae Jang,  Ki-chung Bae 

Environmental-friendly Dam Construction and the Effective Usage of Flood Plain Area


Petter Stenström, James Yang, Patrik Andersson, Gunnar Henriksson

Enlarging the Undersized Spillway of Höljes Dam


Dennis J. Hogan, Dr. Chi Fai Wan

Quantifying Sustainability: Roller Compacted Concrete Versus Zoned Earth Embankment Dams


Pham van Minh, Shigeru Tsuchida, Shisei Sakoda  

Construction of Son La Dam, the Largest Roller-Compacted Concrete


Alicescu Vlad, Jean-Pierre Tournier 

Modern Technologies in Dam Construction: Development of La Romaine Hep in Northern Quebec, Canada


Author Jung Sang-In,  Author Lee Jong-yeon, Author Hong Chung-Ki  

A Study of Environmental-Friendly Han-Tan River Dam which is Applied for RCD the First Time in Korea

Topic 3: Long-term Operation and Maintenance of Dams


E. Bauer

Investigation of the Interaction between Pressure, Density and Rheological Properties of Rockfill Material


Markus Aufleger, Thomas Etzer, Jürgen Dornstädter, Orce Mangarovski

Leakage Detection for Rockfill Dams with Central Core


Gong Baocheng, Qiao Jiqing, Jiang Shaogang, Li Yuan, Liu Jingjie

Analysis on Displacement Monitoring Data of Lijiaxia Hydropower Station


Hou Yuanhang, Huang Huibao, Wen Hao, Bai Wei

The Application of Cross-River Flexible Double Catenary Trashrack System in Pubugou Hydropower Station


Hu Bo, Liu Guanbiao, Wu zhongru, Liao Zhanyong, Liu Xiaoli

Evaluation and Research on Replacement Reinforcement Quality at Abutment of Ultra-High Arch Dam Based on Prototype Monitoring


Huang Renyong , Fan Beilin

Study on Long-Term Use of Large Reservoir and Its Sediment Problems


Shen Hui, Wang Zhiyuan

Abnormal Non-Stress Strain Gauge Results Adjustment Method and Application in High Concrete Dam


Wang Zhiwang, Li Duanyou

Application of Fractal Method in Landslide Interpretation of Remote Sensing Images in the Reservoir Area


Zhang Shuguang

Operational Practices of the Three Gorges Project


Jean-Paul Fabre, Geffraye.G, Sausse.J 

Lessons Learned from Monitoring the Behavior of Arch Dams


Ali Reza Majidi 

Jarreh Embankment Dam Monitoring in End of Construction Stage  Using Instrumentation Systems Results


Mohammad Esmaeilnia Omran, Hamed Mahdiloo Torkamani 

Behavior of Jegin RCC Dam after Impounding


Hirofumi Okumura, Tetsuya Sumi,  Sameh A. Kantoush 

Reservoir Sedimentation Management in Hydropower Station Considering Properties of Sedimentation and Facility Condition


Keisuke Hatano, Nobuteru Sato,  Naoki Tomida, Hideki Soda

An Examination of GPS Measuring Applicability for External Deformation Measurement of Rockfill Dam


Shuji Takasu, Atsushi Yotsuji,  Kyozou Kikuchi, Takashi Ikeda

Safety Management System and Comprehensive Inspection for Dams in Japan


Muhammad Siddique, Hazrat Umer

Challenges in Reservoir Sediment Management  the Case of Tarbela Dam Project


Anna Kosik, Jan Winte  

Prevention of Dam Reservoirs Silting – Base on Miedzygorze Dam Reservoir

18.Sri Lank

Eng. S.R.K. Aruppola, Eng. K.M.H.K. Kotagama 

Monitoring of Long Term Expansion (25 Years) in Victoria Dam, Sri Lanka, Instrumentation Interpretation


Martin Rosenqvist, Mikael Persson, Manouchehr Hassanzadeh, Katja Fridh 

Frost Damages in Concrete in the Waterline of Porsi Hydro Power Plant


Susanna Jannung, Carl-Anders Andersson, Ingvar Ekström

Methods of Analyzing and Investigating Sinkholes in Impounded Parts of Embankment Dams and Blankets


Martin Wieland, G. Franco Kirchen  

Long-term Dam Safety Monitoring of Punt Dal Gall Arch Dam in Switzerland


Messerklinger S., Brenner R.P.,Zegele Z. 

Long-Term Seepage Behaviour of an Embankment Dam Founded on Rock Strata Under Artesian Pressure

Topic 4: Dam Rehabilitation and Upgrade


Li Zhen, Li Deshui

Discussed on Xiaolangdi Project Concrete Patching Material


Wang Fuming, Wang Jianwu, Shi Mingsheng, Li Xiaolong

Development of Polymer Grouting Technology for Protection of Dikes and Dams


Dawit Abraha

Leakage and Associated Problems at Tendaho Dam, Ethiopia: Cause Assessment and Mitigation Measures


G. Klebsattel, Bieberstein, A., Felber, M.

Supplementary Measures Taken on an Embankment Dam after More Than 35 Years of Operation


Tatsuya Matsuo, Mikio Nonaka, Kazuyasu Ishibashi 

Countermeasures against High Angle Fault and Oyama Dam Body’s Design


Muhammad Siddique, Khawar Munir  

Alkali Aggregate Reactivity Induced Deformations and Their Rehabilitation at Warsak Hydroelectric Project


Ingvar Ekström, James X.L. Yang, Mikael Berg 

Improving Spillway Discharge Safety at Bergeforsen


Andy Hughes, Paul Rollins

The Use of Innovative Leakage Detection Techniques to Remediate and to Realise a Dam’s Full Potential

Topic 5: Dam Safety Assessment and Risk Management


Chi Fai Wan, Paul Heinrichs 

Application of Risk Assessment to Dam Safety Management in New South Wales, Australia


Marc Smith 

Modern Technologies for Embankment Dam Foundation Analysis


Peng Ming, Zhang Limin, Xu Yao, Zhang Jianmin, Jia Jinsheng

State of the Art of Pre-Disaster Emergency Management against Natural and Engineering Disasters


Qu Zhangbin, Xiao Qiang, Han Yuhong

Analysis of Seepage at Early Stage of Operation of Xiaolangdi Project and Safety Assessment


Wang Zhaosheng, Long Zhifei, Zhang Shichen

Dam Safety Evaluation and Remediation of Kama Dam


Wu Haizhen, Hu Qiang, Zhang Liling

Research on Stability of Accumulated Rock-soil Aggregates Slope in Reservoir Embankment under the Condition of Combined Action of Rainfall and Water Level Fluctuation


Akihiro Ogawa, Yasushi Tanaka, Ken Ushijima  

Research on Phormidium in the Watarase Reservoir


Hee-Bok Ahn , Heui-Dae Lim, Tae-Wan Moon, Jae-Young Ko

Analysis of Electrical Resistivity Changes in a Piping Simulation of a Fill Type Dam


Andrzej Wita,  Mirosław-Świątek D, Anna Kosik, Mańk K, Zielińska M

The Modeling of Flood Spreading in the River Valley as a Result of Dam Break - Examples for Dams in Poland


Richard Malm, Manouchehr Hassanzadeh, Tobias Gasch, Daniel Eriksson1

The Influence of Cracks on the Structural Behaviour of a Buttress Dam

Topic 6: Reservoir Management


Liang Fuqing

Study on the Innovation of Integrated Management in Three Gorges Reservoir


Sun Zhaodong, Li Yifang, Zeng Yong,  Shi Ruilan

Key Problems in the Preparation of Reservoir Water Volume Allocation Scheme for the Dilution of the Pollutants in the Mainstream of the Lower Yellow River


S. Ashraf Vaghefi, J. Mousavi

Evaluation of Flushing Sediment from Reservoirs Using Decision Tree Technique, Case Study: Sefid-Rud, IRAN


Kazunori Tamura, Takayoshi Matsumura, Amina Nakatani, Hiroshi Kamiya

Approaches for Water and Sediment Management in Multipurpose Dams of the Kizu River Basin


Jin Soo Kim, Kyung Soo Jun

The Four Major Rivers Restoration Projects: Impacts on Flood Flows


Wan-Hee Cho , Jin-Soo Kim, Yang-Jin Ban, Byeong-Yong Sohn, Chang-Young Byun

Development of 3-D Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model GUI for Predictive and Preventive Reservoir Management, Korea

Topic 7:Others


Fu Jian, An Cuihua, He Liupeng, Li Qingguo

The Research of Reservoir Sediment Mathematical Model Visualization


Klaus Knoll

Concrete Production in the Required Quality, Temperature and Output Capacity, Considering the Different Climatic and Geographic Conditions


  Important Dates

20 June 2011
30 June 2011
30 July 2011
Deadline for full papers
Acceptance/revision of papers
Final acceptance of papers




· Japan Commission on Large Dams
· Korean National Committee on Large Dams
· Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research
· Henan Water & Power Consulting Engineering Co.,Ltd.
· North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power

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