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Organizations Organizations


Origanizing Committee


Wang Shucheng         President of CHINCOLD, Former Minister of Ministry of Water Resources (MWR)


Jiao Yong                    Vice Minister of MWR, Vice President of CHINCOLD

Liu Mancang               Vice Governor of Henan Province

Tadahiko Sakamoto    President of Japan commission on Dams (JCOLD)

Soontak Lee                Vice President of Korean National Committee on Large Dams (KNCOLD)

Advisory committee


Lu Youmei                   Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Honorary President of CHINCOLD


Gao Bo                        Director of Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, MWR.

Kuang Shangfu           President of IWHR

Liao Yiwei                    Deputy Director of YRCC

 Wang Shushan           Director of Department of Water Resources of Henan Province

Zhang Shuguang         Assistant General Manager of CTGPC

Techincal Committee


Pan Jiazheng               Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Honorary President of CHINCOLD


Jia Jinsheng                 President of ICOLD,   Vice President of CHINCOLD

Refaat Abdel-Malek     President of International Hydropower Association (IHA)

Xue Songgui                Chief Engineer of YRCC

Yin Baohe                    Director General of Xiaolangdi Dam Project Construction and Management Bureau

Wang Jianwu               Deputy Director General of Department of Water Resources of Henan Province

Michael Rogers           President of United States Society on Dams


  Important Dates

20 June 2011
30 June 2011
30 July 2011
Deadline for full papers
Acceptance/revision of papers
Final acceptance of papers




· Japan Commission on Large Dams
· Korean National Committee on Large Dams
· Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research
· Henan Water & Power Consulting Engineering Co.,Ltd.
· North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power

  Technical Exhibition

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