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Pakistan’s first hydropower project under CPEC begins water storage (11/25/2021)
Chinese Academician Mr. ZHANG Chaoran Won the ICOLD Honorary Member Award (11/25/2021)
China helps fulfill Argentina''s energy dream with world''s southernmost hydroelectric dams (10/19/2021)
China-built Turgusun hydropower station to help ease power shortage in E. Kazakhstan (09/16/2021)
CTG completes installation of rotor for the NO.2 power unit in Pakistan’s Karot project (08/25/2021)
Yihetan Dam Incident in July 2021 (08/10/2021)
Dams have no direct link to Henan floods caused by extreme climate: experts (07/29/2021)
Kenyan President hails progress made in China-backed dam project in east Kenya (07/15/2021)
Baihetan hydropower station begins operation (07/01/2021)
Wudongde hydropower plant put into full operation Massive project sets 8 world records and 15 world firsts (06/23/2021)
Massive hydropower dam to help country meet carbon neutrality goal (06/09/2021)
California DWR to begin two projects for Castaic Dam modernization (05/11/2021)
Project aims to improve safety of reservoir dams (05/11/2021)
Runner for GW-class hydro power unit installed at Baihetan (03/18/2021)

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