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Technical Exhibition Technical Exhibition


A major technical exhibition will take place alongside the symposium. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity of bringing your organization or company to the attention of international delegates. Exhibition space is sold in units of 3×3 m2 (multiple units are available for large displays or groups of organizations and companies wishing to form a national pavilion). Organizations and companies interested in stands are kindly requested to contact the secretariat of the symposium for further details.

Technical Exhibition Form Download


  Important Dates

20 June 2011
30 June 2011
30 July 2011
Deadline for full papers
Acceptance/revision of papers
Final acceptance of papers




· Japan Commission on Large Dams
· Korean National Committee on Large Dams
· Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research
· Henan Water & Power Consulting Engineering Co.,Ltd.
· North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power

  Technical Exhibition

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