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There are many large water resources and hydropower projects completed or under construction in China. 4 technical tours will be arranged within 3~4 days after the Conference to some typical dams. Those who will take part in the study tours will not only visit the dams, but also enjoy the beautiful scenes of Yunnan Province and other places. A minimum number of 10 participants is necessary for the tour to take place.

Details of the technical tours will be issued in the Second Bulletin.

Tour 1: Kunming--Xiaowan Arch Dam--Nuozhadu Core Rockfill Dam

Participants taking part in this tour will have an opportunity to visit Xiaowan Arch Dam and Nuozhadu Core Rockfill Dam. Xiaowan Arch Dam is 294.5m high with installed capacity of 4200MW. It is the highest arch dam completed in the world. The water level has reached the normal water level of 1240m in 2012. Nuozhadu Hydropower Project is the 5th hydropower station of the middle and lower reach of Lanchangjiang River. The main dam of the project is an earth core rockfill dam (ECRD) with the dam height of 261.5m. It is the highest ECRD in China and the third highest ECRD in the world. The construction of Nuozhadu ECRD has employed many state of the art technologies, which include the using of mixed gravelly soil for earth core, digital dam technology for construction quality control, etc.

During the tour, participants can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xishuangbanna. Xishuangbanna is the southernmost prefecture of Yunnan Province. The prefecture is nicknamed "Aerial Garden" for its luxuriant and multi-layered primitive woods and tropical rain forests, which are teeming with nearly 1000 species of animals and 5,000 kinds of plants.

Xiaowan Arch Dam

Nuozhadu Core Rockfill Dam



Xishuangbanna scenic spot

Tour 2: Kunming--Three Gorges Project -- Shuibuya Hydropower Project

Three Gorges Project is the largest hydropower project in the world with install capacity of 22500MW. In 2012, the power generation is 84370GWh, setting the record of annual generation capacity since its operation. Shuibuya CFRD is the highest dam of its type, which is completed and has been put into operation for several years with the height of 233.2m and installed capacity of 1840MW.

Flood Discharge of Three Gorges Concrete Gravity Dam

Bird View of Shuibuya CFRD

Tour3: Kunming--Jinanqiao RCC Gravity Dam

Jinanqiao RCC Gravity Dam is located at the main stream of Jinsha River in Yunnan Province. It was completed in 2010 with height of 160m and installed capacity of 2400MW. Jinanqiao Project started reservoir impoundment on Nov. 25, 2010. Now the reservoir water level has reached the normal water level with good performance.

During the tour, participants will have an opportunity to visit the Old Town of Lijiang, which was listed in the World Cultural Heritages by UNESCO in 1997.It is now a famous and very special tourist attraction for its traditional ethnic culture and customs, inimitable buildings and the wonderful natural views.

Jinanqiao RCC Gravity Dam

丽江古城 丽江古城

The Old Town of Lijiang Tourism

Tour4: Kunming--Xiluodu Arch Dam—Xiangjiaba Gravity Dam

Xiluodu Hydropower Project is situated on the Jinsha River (one branch of Yangtze River). It is a huge hydropower project with comprehensive benefits of primary power generation, sediment control, flood control, downstream navigation improving. The total reservoir capacity is 12.67 billion m3. The dam is concrete double-curvature arch type with maximum height of 285.5m and installed capacity of 12600 MW. The annual average power output of the project is 57.12TWh. The project is now under construction.

Xiangjiaba project is the last hydropower cascade project in the cascade hydro-development of the Jinsha River downstream. It will play a role of regulating plant for the upstream Xiluodu Hydropower Plant. The total reservoir capacity is 5.185 billion m3. The dam is concrete gravity type with a maximum dam height of 161m, a crest length of 909.3m. The total installed capacity of the project is 6000 MW. It is also under construction.

Xiluodu Arch Dam under construction

Xiangjiaba Gravity Dam under construction



  Important Dates

August 31 2013 Deadline for receipt of full papers




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