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Proceedings of International Conference of Hydropower 2004


Table of contents

Hydropower is a clean and reproducible resource of energy, which has played a vital role in the development of human society and economy. However, the hydroelectric industry was slowed down in last 2 decade over the world. Nevertheless, it has still flourished and gained fruitful achievements in many developing countries as well as in China. For the purpose of stimulating and promoting exchange and cooperation Chinese engineers and managers in hydropower sector with their colleagues of the world, China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Development Corporation (CTGPC), Hubei Qingjiang Hydroelectric Development Co. Ltd (QDC), Chinese Society for Hydroelectric Engineering (CSHEE) and Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES) jointly organized International Conference Hydropower 2004. The conference will be held at the construction site of Three Gorges Project in Yichang, Hubei Province, China from 24 ?26 May, 2004. About 300 participants will take part in this event. Over 130 contributed papers are edited and included in the proceedings of three volumes, in both English and Chinese. The proceedings are focused on the following topics:

Design, construction and monitoring of high Concrete Face Rock-filled Dam;
Design, construction and operation of concrete dams;
Mass concrete mix design and optimization, reasonable dosage of additives;
Stability of large hydro-turbine sets of power station and operation experiences;
Upgrading, rehabilitation and performance improvement for hydro-turbine of power station.

It is believed that the proceeding would be able to reflect main achievements of research, design, construction as well as management related with hydropower projects and hydro-turbines. It is my sincere hope that this proceeding will be of some referential value to all the workers in the field of hydropower industry.

PAN Jiazheng
Chairmen, Scientific Committee, International Conference of Hydropower 2004
May 2004 in Beijing


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