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International Symposium on Dam Safety and Detection of Hidden Troubles of Dams and Dikes

(Nov. 1- 3, 2005, Xi’an, CHINA)


Addresses and Keynote Speeches
Opening Addresses
ZHAI Haohui, Vice Minister of Ministry of Water Resources, China

Opening Addresses
K. Höeg, Honorary President of ICOLD

Assessment of Water Project Safety and Treatment of Hidden Troubles of China
LIU Ning, Chief Engineer of MWR, China

Flow Field Method and its Using on Dam Monitoring
HE Jishan, China

Safety Evaluation on Dams and Dikes – Research & Engineering
K. Höeg, Norway

Some Technical Progresses on Dams and Dikes Rehabilitation
JIA Jinsheng, China

Innovation Dam Monitoring Tools Based on Distributed Temperature Measurement
Markus Aufleger

Progress on Risk Assessment on Reservoir & Dam and Small Dams Safety in China
SHENG Jinbao, China

Application of FOG in Shuibuya High CFRD 
SUN Yi, China

Analysis and Low Cost Mitigation of the Flood Risk of Asian Dams
François Lempérière

The Reserch and manufacture of dam deformation monitoring intellectuallzed instrument
ZHANG Hongxu, China

Geotechnical Characterization of Levee by Integrated Geophysical Surveying
Tomio Inazki

Numerical Analysis on Anti-seepage and Reinforced of Fengmang Dam by Grooving
LU Yihui, China

Experiences form Using Distributing optical fiber on Dams & Dikes Seepage and Strains Monitoring
Sam Johansson

Discussion and Study of Chinese Dam Risk Management Mode
WANG Zhaosheng, China

Newly Developed Methods for Monitoring Compacted Fill and Detecting Concrete Crack Depths
Jiaer Wu

Safety Monitoring System of Xiaolangdi Project
WANG Lin, China

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