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International Conference of Hydropower 2004

(May 24-26, 2004, Yichang CHINA)


Proceedings (Volume I): Design, Construction and Monitoring of High Concrete Face Rock-filled Dam
Proceedings (Volume II): Design, Construction and Operation of Concrete Dams - Mass Concrete Mix Design and Optimization, Reasonable Dosage of Additives
Proceedings (Volume III): Stability of Large Hydro-turbine Sets of Power Station and operation Experiences - Upgrading, Rehabilitation and Performance Improvement for Hydro-turbine of Power Station

Addresses and Keynote Speeches

Opening address
Mr. Youmei LU, President of CHINCOLD

Opening address
Mr. C.B.Viotti, President of ICOLD

Opening address
Mr. Yongan LI, General Director of China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Development Corporation

Construction of Water Works and Protection of Ecosystem
Dr. Lisheng, SUO, Vice Minister of Ministry of Water Resource

Three Gorges Project-A Project with Tremendous Benefits and in Favor of Environmental Improvement
Mr. Guangjing CAO, Vice Director General of China Yangtze Three Gorges Project Development Corporation

Current Issues in the Management of Dams in the United States
Mr. Robin G. Charlwood (U.S.A)

Promoting Hydropower Development through Scientific Technology Progress
Mr. Jugen LI, General Director of China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group Co

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Session I: Large Concrete Dams
Session II: CFRD
Session III: Hydraulic Power Station and Hydraulic Turbine

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