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Modern Rockfill Dams – 2009


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In order to strengthen the international exchanges and cooperation of rock-fill dam technology and promote further development of rock-fill dam construction, Chinese National Committee on Large Dams(CHINCOLD)and Brazilian Committee on Large Dams (CBDB) signed an agreement in Paris during the 80th Anniversary ceremony of the International Commission on Large Dams(ICOLD)in 2008. The objective of the agreement is to advance the development of rock-fill dam technology through academic exchanges and technical study tour by jointly holding international symposiums in turn in China and Brazil. Under the support of Brazilian Committee on Large Dams and other national committees on large dams, a total of 109 papers have been published, which laid a sound foundation for the success of the 1st International Symposium on Rock-fill Dams. Here, on behalf of the Chinese National Committee on Large Dams, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the support and cooperation of all the national committees on large dams.

Looking forward to the future development of the 21st century, along with the further development of urbanization and modernization, especially for the impacts of climate change, the role of dams and reservoirs is fundamental, which are the important infrastructures to support economic and social development and for flood control, water supply and energy and food security. It is necessary to develop the new technology on the basis of paying more attention on environmental protection so as to make a greater contribution to the benefit of humankind. In recent years, rock-fill dam projects, a more popular and competitive dam type, have gained vigorous development with advantages of its economy and security. The Zipingpu Concrete Faced Rock-fill Dam (156m), 17 km away from the epicenter, has survived the M 8 Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12, 2008. It has demonstrated the good performance of rockfill dam in earthquake resistance.
In order to sum up the great achievements of rock-fill dam technology and define the milestones in the dam field, with the support of the international experts, CHINCOLD and CBDB proposed to present the Milestone Award of International rock-fill dams, which received favorable responses from Mr. Jia Jinsheng, President of the ICOLD, and Honorary Presidents of ICOLD Mr. L. Berga(Spain), Mr. C.B. Viotti(Brazil), Mr. C.V.J. Varma(India),Mr. K. Höeg(Norway) and Mr. W. Pircher(Austria)and member countries of ICOLD. Their support and participation play an important role in recommending and determining the milestone projects. Here, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to them again. After recommendation, preliminary evaluation and re-evaluation, the milestone projects of rock-fill dam have been finalized. The selected milestone projects represent the achievement of rock-fill dam construction and it is also the basis for us to construct new dams. It gives us enough confidence for future’s rockfill dam construction. I am sure that the experiences of international milestone projects can be used as a valuable reference for the future development of rock-fill dams.

The most important content of the papers have been compiled in order to well promote the results of this meeting, the papers mainly involve the following aspects:
General (project introduction, history, cases and experiences of rockfill dams)
Design and analysis
Construction material
Construction method
Operation, performance and safety monitoring
Hydraulic issues and river diversion
Super-high CFRD dams and clay core rockfill dams (H>200 m)
Seismic aspects of rockfill dams

This meeting has gained strong support from the sponsors, organizer and co-sponsors, i.e.: the International Commission on Large Dams, China Three Gorges Project Corporation, HydroChina
Corporation, Sinohydro Corporation, China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research and etc,. I would like to deliver my sincere thanks to all of them.

WANG Shucheng,
President of Chinese National Committee on Large Dams
Former Minister, the Ministry of Water Resources of China
Chairman of Organizing Committee
the 1st International Symposium on Rock-fill Dams
Beijing, China    September 20, 2009

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