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Proceedings of International Symposium on Modern Technology of Dams

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It is great honor to welcome participates from 4 countries to join the “International Symposium on Modern Technology of Dams” ---- the 4th EADC symposium held in this golden autumn in Chengdu, China. It is the 4th regional conference on large dams following those successful symposiums held in Xi'an, China in 2004, Tsukuba, Japan in 2005, and Daejeon, Korea in 2006. With Supports of Swedish Committee on Large dams and active participation of Swedish experts, the symposium content will be enriched, the friendship of dam experts from China, Japan, Korea and Sweden will be enhanced and new vitality will be brought to the symposium.

The topics are as following:

(1) Effective utilization of existing dams, including: Rehabilitation and refurbishment, Modification of Reservoir functions and Expansion of Reservoir functions

(2) Dam Safety Development, including: Climate impact, Internal erosion and System approach including RA (Risk Assessment) and MTO (Man, Technology, Organization)

(3) New Technical progress on high dams, including Design, Construction, Operation and monitoring techniques and Research work

(4) Coexistence of the Environment and dams, including Consideration of Local Society, Environmental friendly practices related to dam construction and operation, and Monitoring techniques and improvement measures on reservoir water quality
Total 77 papers have been received, of which 38 papers from China, 11 from Japan, 11 from Korea and 17 from Sweden. Those papers have showed the new progress on dam design, construction, operation and management. Considerations and measures on coping with climate change and promoting environmental protection are also described.

Thanks to JCOLD, KNCOLD and SwedCOLD for organizing delegates and papers for this symposium!

Chinese National Committee on Large Dams, China Three Gorges Project Corporation and China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research have conducted careful arrangement on reception, technical visit, and post study tour. Sichuan Society of Hydroelectric Engineering has done a lot of work for organizing local related leaders and experts to join this symposium. Sichuan University has provided high quality technical services for the symposium. Chengdu Hydropower Investigationm Design & Research Institute, Ertan Hydropower Development Company, Ltd, China Guodian Daduhe River Basin Hydropower Development Co. Ltd, Sichuan Zipingpu Development Co., Ltd, Sichuan Branch, China Huadian Corporation, Huaneng Sichuan Hydropower Co., Ltd, and Sinohydro Engineering Bureau 10 have provided financial and technical support for this symposium. Their great contributions are very important for this conference!


Organizing Committee of International Symposium
on Modern Technology of Dams
September 30, 2007
(Publish Time: 2010-04-06 14:56)

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