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State of the Art Dam Construction in China 2006

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China has witnessed rapid development over years. It is a principal goal to support the socio-economic development by the sustainable development of water resources. Flood control and disaster mitigation, securing safe drinking water, and how to improve ecosystem, protect environment and obtain clean and low cost power by making the best use of hydropower are key challenges confronting the country in a period in future. By the end of 2005, there are over 80,000 large and small scale reservoirs in China, in which 4860 dams completed or under construction are higher than 30m. Among the dams under construction, we have the Three Gorges Dam which is the largest dam in the world, the 305m Jinping-I arch dam, 292m Xiaowan arch dam, 233m Shuibuya CFRD dam, 216m Longtan RCC gravity dam and many pumped storage power stations. Therefore, the construction and management of dam shoulders heavy responsibilities and there is a long way forward in China.

Presently the ecological and environment issues arouse increasing attentions during the construction and management process of dams. In order to develop water resources effectively and in order to have a good environment for the sustainable economic development of China, we need effective engineering measure which is dam construction. To adopt modern science and technology in dam construction, we need to study and apply more environment-friendly techniques to avert disadvantages and maximum advantages, to achieve a safer and more economic and reliable way of dam construction.

With over 50 years practice in dam construction, China has rich successful experience in hydropower development. Chinese National Committee on Large Dams compiled this document, which aims to introduce water resources, achievement and experience in dam construction of China, and to provide a platform for worldwide professionals in water sector to know more about China.


LU Youmei
Chairman, Chinese National Committee on Large Dams
June 2, 2006
(Publish Time: 2010-04-06 15:30)

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