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The First EADC Symposium

(Oct. 8-9, 2004, Xi’an, CHINA) 


Current Issues on Sediment Management and Dams

Main reports

Sedimentation analysis of Three Gorges Project after impounding
Mr. Hai WANG, China

Reservoir Sedimentation and Sediment Management in Japan
Mr. Josuke KASHIWAI, Japan

Sediment regulation of Xiaolangdi Project
Mr. Zhen LI, China

Turbidity Management for Imha Reservoir
Mr. Woo-Gu Kim, Korea

Technical characteristics of Gongboxia CFRD
Mr. Junli WANG, China

Innovation of construction technology of CFRD
Mr. He Xiaoxiong, China

Trapezoid-Shaped CSG Dam
Mr. Tadahiko FUJISAWA, Japan

(Publish Time: 2004-10-10 14:14)

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